Beetroot savoury pancakes

A delicious and sneaky way to carry over pancakes from breakfast to lunch and dinner. They’re also pink! What’s not to love. I had a great time whipping these up for my friends for a super speedy lunch. It goes without saying that meals are much better enjoyed with good company.


These pancakes are gluten free and lactose free. To avoid all dairy, just switch the feta for some scrambled egg or cashew cheese.

Key Ingredients:

Serves two

3 beetroots

2 eggs

1 cup of buckwheat flour

1 tsp of coconut oil

1 warmed plate for pancakes

My favourite toppings (best bit):

Feta (obviously my foodie love of my life is going to be included here)



Smashed avocado (I’ve worked out this goes better than sliced!)



Prepare all toppings in bowls ready to serve.

Whilst heating the coconut oil in a pan, whizz all the other key ingredients in a food processor or nutribullet.

Pour the mixture into the hot coconut oily pan making sure the mixture spreads to the edge of the pan. A top tip here is to measure the amount of pancake mixture you put into the pan to make sure all your pancakes are the same thickness and size.

Run a spatula around edges of the pancake, loosen it from the bottom of the pan and flip! Try flipping it in the pan, if not, the spatula will do.

The pancake should take max 2 minutes on the other side. Once ready put on a warmed plate and cook the rest.

Serve with your choice of toppings and dig in!

All photography by the beautiful Sarah Barrington.







20 Sec Fudgey Sauce

It’s thick, delicious and rich. The perrrfffeccct sauce for pancakes.


2 ingredients

Smooth peanut butter

Date syrup


One serving:

  1. Once you’ve made your pancake stack, heat a pan on low temperature
  2. Add 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter and 1 of date syrup.
  3. Mix until blended
  4. Pour hot over pancakes

For an extra YAY add cacao nibs and some almond and peanut butter Propercorn.




My Famous 3 Step Instagram Pancakes

So a couple of you have asked how I make my pancakes. So in ultimate laziness, I can now send you all this link! Just joking. They are the easiest and fluffiest things to make that they needed to be shared.

Health pros: Intolerance friendly (wheat, dairy and nut free), low sugar and TASTY

Literally takes 5 minutes. Genuinely.

I can even make these before work! Let’s face it, I had to find a solution to being able to still eat pancakes on weekdays and also not cut down on sleep. Sleep is life.



  1. Heat a frying pan with coconut oil
  2. Mix an egg, a banana, a handful of oats and a dash of (almond) milk. I use a Nutribullet because it is so speedy but you can do by hand
  3. Pour into pan to make 4 fist sized pancake and flip after 2 minutes


Then obviously the best bit is adding ALLL the extras. I strongly recommend serving with:

Nut butter

A little maple syrup


MORE banana

Cacao nibs (great for waking up in the morning!)



I’ve been experimenting with lots of delicious pancake recipes (including Peruvian maca powder!!) so look out for my next delicious post.