Five Tasty Healthy Office Snacks

For the last few years, I have enjoyed a mid-morning and afternoon snack when working. The problem is that I often find a snack I like, eat it ALL the time and then get to a point where I can never eat it again. Sorry Bounce balls – I don’t think i’ll manage another one of you again. Now I have a variety of snacks on the go so that there is no R.I.P Bounce Balls take two.

Tip: Pack extra snacks at all times.

I always pop a snack bar/ piece of fruit in my bag in case I get hungry (often leading to hangry) and end up buying something I actually don’t want/ won’t agree with me/ will regret after. I learnt this the hard way when a Sainsbury’s chocolate chip cookie on a Friday afternoon ruined my weekend (I am gluten and dairy intolerant). So to avoid giving into cravings which don’t make you feel good, hopefully there is something here for you:

     1. Avocado with with tamari (gluten free soy sauce) 

Pack a full avocado (£1.20) in a lunch box and cut in half at work. Leave a bottle of tamari in the office. Creamy and satisfying. Job done.

   2. Meridian cacao peanut butter bars

Non-crushable! Great for a in-the-bottom-of-the-bag situation. (£2 for 3) Also delicious.

     3. Cashews, almonds, dried apricots and dark chocolate combo

Buy these in bulk from the supermarket and then mix at home. At about £1 a handful, it’s a much cheaper way to eat these mixes as opposed to buying expensive snack pots from health food shops or cafés.

     4. Why Nut snack balls

These are new on the block! There a bit different from your average snack bar because they’re balls. Great for slower snacking and on average £1 each.

     5. Coconut Collaborative yogs

These are on the pricier end of the spectrum (£1.50-£2) but rich and satisfying. I love the mango flavour.

I hope there is some inspo there for anyone who has either had a Bounce ball situation or just needs some variety!


20 Sec Fudgey Sauce

It’s thick, delicious and rich. The perrrfffeccct sauce for pancakes.


2 ingredients

Smooth peanut butter

Date syrup


One serving:

  1. Once you’ve made your pancake stack, heat a pan on low temperature
  2. Add 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter and 1 of date syrup.
  3. Mix until blended
  4. Pour hot over pancakes

For an extra YAY add cacao nibs and some almond and peanut butter Propercorn.




My Famous 3 Step Instagram Pancakes

So a couple of you have asked how I make my pancakes. So in ultimate laziness, I can now send you all this link! Just joking. They are the easiest and fluffiest things to make that they needed to be shared.

Health pros: Intolerance friendly (wheat, dairy and nut free), low sugar and TASTY

Literally takes 5 minutes. Genuinely.

I can even make these before work! Let’s face it, I had to find a solution to being able to still eat pancakes on weekdays and also not cut down on sleep. Sleep is life.



  1. Heat a frying pan with coconut oil
  2. Mix an egg, a banana, a handful of oats and a dash of (almond) milk. I use a Nutribullet because it is so speedy but you can do by hand
  3. Pour into pan to make 4 fist sized pancake and flip after 2 minutes


Then obviously the best bit is adding ALLL the extras. I strongly recommend serving with:

Nut butter

A little maple syrup


MORE banana

Cacao nibs (great for waking up in the morning!)



I’ve been experimenting with lots of delicious pancake recipes (including Peruvian maca powder!!) so look out for my next delicious post.